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Right Away Cambie Plaza #218 – 5550 Cambie St 1 Bdr +$40.00 pkg. Kitchen reno. New floor in all suite but bathr. Bathr. repairs a. painted needed. Advertise at $960 – 980.00Available imm.
Right away MacManor #206 – 2012 MacDonald St 1 Bdr 575 sqf. Advertise for $1,050.00
1-Feb-14 Cambie Plaza #304 – 5550 Cambie Plaza 1 Bdr Undergong reno. Advertise at $980.00
Right away MacDonald Court #201 – 2520 MacDonald St 1 Bdr 627 sqf.
Right away Windsor Court #22 – 1529 West Broadway 1 Bdr Advertise for $1,050.00. Have somebody interested.
No notice yet MacDonald Manor #108 – 2012 MacDonald St 1 Bdr Want to move out in the winter/spring. Will send notice, might try to find a tenant themselves if late notice.
1-Mar-14 Cambie Plaza #220 – 5550 Cambie St 1 Bdr
No notice yet MacDonald Manor #104 – 2012 MacDonald St 1 Bdr Will send notice when she decides and finds a place Dt, close to work
1-Mar-14 Bayswater Court #401 – 2946 West Br. 1 Bdr Tenants might have friends that are interested in taking over.


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