Asset classes vary greatly in operational requirements, and hiring the right company to manage your asset is crucial to ensure lasting value.

Every property is unique, but there are overarching common challenges between comparable types that built experience is invaluable to have in place to professionally address.

Hunter McLeod Realty Corp. has experience with a diverse portfolio that spans a variety of asset classes across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. Explore below to learn about our management!



Maintenance, leasing, and operational needs of warehouses, light industrial sites, industrial parks, and distribution centers to ensure optimal functionality, building care, and tenant satisfaction.


Rental complexes, including leasing, maintenance, and financial management, to provide a comfortable living environment while maximizing property value.


Combined residential and commercial spaces, requiring specialized knowledge of accounting principles, maintenance of diverse amenities, and balancing the needs of both residential and commercial occupants to foster a thriving community.


Office buildings and office parks, with services including tenant relations, maintenance, and facility management to create productive work environments and maximize occupancy rates.


Shopping centers, malls, strip malls or individual building retail spaces and restaurants, involving tenant management, marketing, and ensuring a vibrant and attractive shopping environment.