Sales/Purchases Services

  • Sales/purchases Services include acting on behalf of clients, in a property manager's capacity, in the acquisitions and/or sales of properties. When purchasing a property, this involves organizing the due diligence review required by clients (financial, market study, structural & mechanical elements, etc.). When selling a property, this involves organizing all the information on the property which is to be passed on to the listing broker, organizing showings of the property, etc.

Property Management Services

  • Property Management Services include managing the fiscal, physical and human resources related to the real estate assets of clients, including administration, accounting, tenant relations, personnel management, maintenance, contract negotiations, etc. The company focuses on management of commercial (office and industrial), retail and residential revenue properties.

Consulting Services

  • Our consulting services are all related to the expertise we have developed in property management over the years. We work with individual building owners and other larger management and development companies providing property management advice, establishing management procedures and other related services.

Leasing Services

  • Leasing Services include new locations identification and negotiating lease renewals for existing commercial leases.