Sales & Purchases Services include acting on behalf of clients in the acquisitions and sales of properties, or leasing of commercial properties.

Hunter McLeod Realty Corp is a fully licensed Trading Services Brokerage. We perform buying / selling and leasing services, and additionally have an extensive network of third-party brokers to refer who are experts in specific asset classes and locations as the situation dictates (at no additional cost to the client).

Most commonly we act in a property manager’s capacity during acquisitions and sales. When purchasing a property, this involves assisting with and providing feedback on the due diligence review required by clients (property financials, market studies, structural & mechanical elements, individual commercial tenant leases etc.). When selling a property, this involves organizing all the financial, operational, and tenant information on the property which is to be passed on to the listing broker, organizing access for showings of the property, and providing history of issues, maintenance, repairs and replacements with the building systems.

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