Accounting Services include professional coordination of our client’s accounts receivable, accounts payable and bookkeeping on their real estate asset.

Accounting Services are provided on a cash basis. This usually involves some combination of collecting the rents as per the lease or tenancy agreements and paying invoices for the property, depending on the specific needs of the property. Applicable recoverable expenses and CAM charges will be addressed appropriately.

Reporting to the Owner occurs monthly with our standard comprehensive reporting package of explanatory cover letter, cash based financial statements including Balance Sheet, Budget Comparison (with Month and Year to date Actual to Budget comparison), Check Register, Detailed General Ledger, and Receivable Detail Report (Tenant Balance report). Cash Disbursement Reports are forwarded monthly in a timely manner.

Hunter McLeod Realty Corp’s accounting is clean, simple, understandable and, most importantly, accurate. The bank accounts in trust are subject to annual scrutiny by third party accounting firms per the CRA reporting requirements, and with sporadic additional audits by the real estate licensing body BC Financial Services Authority. These audits consistently return zero numerical accuracy exceptions.

Call Hunter McLeod Realty Corp and relax! We’re ready to bring the value of professional management to your real estate investment.